Liturgical Creatures

Liturgical Creatures.png

If you've ever visited other churches, you'll perhaps have noticed St Peter's feels a bit different on Sunday mornings. We knee and confess together. We say things out loud together. We use our bodies - not just our minds - in worship. We shout. We take Communion at least two times each month.

What is all of this repetitive activity about?

Its called liturgy. And we do it because God has created us - created humans! - as liturgical creatures. This means that what we DO shapes and imprints what (or who!) we come to love. How we behave shapes what we desire. This is an ancient insight into Christian formation. Its finds its roots in the Bible itself. That's why its part of the way we do things at St. Peter's. This E&B session reflects on how our liturgy forms us into people who love the Lord with heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Note: there is a video shown during this talk. It can be accessed here: