Thinking About Hell

Does the idea of hell heat you up? Does it arouse anger? For many in our cultural context—wether Christian or not—the ancient Christian doctrine of hell is offensive and unreasonable. It seems to obstruct the ministry and mission of the the church. It doesn't seem to line up well with the teaching and ethic of Jesus. It makes Christians unpopular and misunderstood.

To be sure, the church has understood hell in several ways of the centuries. Its also harboured different ideas about who might end up there or what it takes to get there.  Mindful of these perspectives, and in conversation with the Scripture, this Equip & Build will attempt to map the nature of hell in a sober and biblically-attuned manner. It will point out differences of opinion that are valid within St. Peter’s broader outlook. It will identify and critique perspectives that are prone to excessive speculation or pander to wider cultural sensibilities.