Imagining Renewal

At St Peter's, we talk about renewal a lot. Our vision is one which encourages joining God in the renewal of all things. We even offer Renewal Grants to support such activity! But what does renewal actually entail? In biblical terms, when Christians speak about renewal, what do they mean?

This session aims to shed light on these questions. The goal is to provide some space for reflecting on the nature of renewal--personal, social, and cultural.  In particular, we will to consider how the Christian Story spurs our own creative efforts to join Christ in making 'earth more like heaven'.  

This discussion will unfold with an eye to our own city, Vancouver. How might we imagine the shape, scope, and nature of God's renewal in this place at this time?

The big aim of our E&B session is to catalyze your faithful creativity for the work of social & cultural renewal in Vancouver. We have time and resources - how should we use them? Where should we use them?! Join us to begin to discover the answers!

Guest speaker Dr. Richard Topping, a major Canadian theologian, will be our guide.