5 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions we make in this life.  For this reason, discernment is incredible important.  There are questions to be asked and conversations to be had.  Sometimes, however, we don't know the right questions to consider.  There are things that matter greatly that aren't even on our radars.  Because its a high stakes game, we all need counsel in this area!

This E&B sessions is designed to help us make good decisions when we're considering marriage. No one wants to go through a divorce!  Being proactive is the name of the game.  To this end, we've invited seasoned therapist and marriage coach,  Cathryn Haig Gifford, to bring us some enlightenment.  If you were with us for Cathryn's last E&B session on grief, you'll know she's not to be missed!